You can make a preliminary payment exclusively from your credit card. If it’s indispensably, our manager will send you a receipt for your booking. A summary of prepaying joins in a grand total. One of ours staffs will carry out the explicit detachment for you. You will be able give a retained cast straightforwardly taking up residence at the apartment. The essential condition for rental booking is deposit due. The summary of upfront payment hinges from the charge of accommodation unit and of deal of nights which you care. As a general accept from the users retirement for overnight of residence in a flat, if you will remain in it no more than 5 days. All the time we instruct all our users phone numbers whereby you will be able connect us . We are dispose ourself to lend you assistance at any moment and response every your interrogations. Our manager will fetch your demand and will contact with you directly. We ussualy accept an order nothing less than for 2 nights. But if you anyhow need a flat on a day, you may let us know thereof in the message. In such a case we will be in a position to give you a flat directly on the day of housing in morning-tide. To place an order a lodging to your advent, you must settle upon. After that fill in an ordering form. You can specify your in-place time in it and amount days of holding a residency which was adopted. Besides don’t forget to specify a conveying from air-port or railway station if you want so.